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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

The Spread of Islam in Africa

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

This new ideology called Afrocentric thinking misses the biggest chapter in the life of that continent we call Africa. The biggest chapter for our life in Africa is the chapter (the history) of Islam. Now our people don't have to be Muslim to appreciate the great achievements of Black Muslims on the continent of Africa. It is like we don't have to be Christians to appreciate the great achievements of Black Christians on the continent of America.

You can't even talk about the greatness of Africa without talking about Mansa Musa, Askia the Great, and the many other greats who brought about progress for civilization, social reform, and sciences on that continent after they embraced Islam.

We are told that Islam went with the sword. But believe me brother, I have studied history. In Africa, Islam was not spread by the sword; Islam was spread by Africans who had a curiosity. Muslims were living around them and among them, and seeking to trade and do business in Africa, and Natives were exposed to Muslim character and behavior (custom). Natives noticed a certain business ethic that they were attracted to. Many came to choose for themselves the Muslim life on the continent of our origin.

On the continent of Africa, Muslims and Arabs were living among the Africans and the Africans noticed a certain behavior that they were taken to. They noticed a certain business ethics from the Muslims that they were attracted to. Unfortunately, the brothers of other nationalities from overseas now have come a long ways away from those business ethics that attracted Black people and Indonesians to become Muslims. Back then, Muslims were men of excellent character and men of great minds and intellect. They were virtuous men, not just smart or learned men.

Those early Muslims took pride in doing every thing that they did in a very excel-lent fashion. And they attracted people of other nations to look at them. When those other people looked at them, they wanted to be like them. The people began to wonder what changed their life to make it what it had become. The Muslims did not push Islam down the throats of the Africans; the Africans inquired about Islam. The Africans received Islam and became great under Islam.

Some will ask, "What happened? Why did they lose that greatness?" Then also ask: What happened to America? Why has America lost its greatness as an economic power? And that has happened in my lifetime. That is not something that I have to go to the library and study for weeks to understand. It has happened in my lifetime, that America's economy is so weakened now that the dollar of other nations is stronger than the American dollar. That is something we never imagined happening in our life time, but it has happened.

That is the will of God. Allah, Highly Glorified ,said that He will take the power from kingdoms and give it to whomever He wills. So we don't have to worry about what nation will be ruling or what nation will have the material power. Just keep and obey the knowledge. And you will watch them go one-by-one and you will be around to inherit the world and the trusts once that was with them.