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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Excerpts from "Al-lslam: Unity and Leadership"

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


We are Muslims. A Muslim is one who believes in obedience to Allah (God) which results in intelligent behavior and inward peace. A Muslim is one who believes in coming to a state of peace by submitting first of all to the Lord Creator of the Heavens and Earth. A Muslim is one who follows the disciplines of his religion. This person becomes a Muslim and accepts to be a person who favors peace. The greetings that we give say "Peace". It is "As-Salaam" which means "Peace". It continues with "Alaikum" which means "be on you".

Still many of us do not understand that this is not the same as saying "Peace to you". Many people will say "Peace be unto you". What we are saying is "Peace be upon you". The key word is "upon" you. This means that "The Peace" obligates you. Every time we greet a Muslim we are not only extending to him peace, but we are reminding the Muslim that he is obligated to extend, support and keep the peace. Every Muslim should be a policeman for peace's sake. That does not mean Muslims take over law enforcement. We are to be policemen (peace officers) within the law.

— From Imam W. Deen Mohammed's latest book, "Al-lslam: Unity and Leadership"