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Spiritual Hallucinations

Imam W. D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam –Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:


12. Man We did create
From a quintessence (of clay);

13. Then We placed him
As (a drop of) sperm

In a place of rest,
Firmly fixed;

14. Then We made the sperm
Into a clot of congealed blood;
Then of that clot We made
A (fetus) lump; then We
Made out of that lump
Bones and clothed the bones
With flesh; then We developed
Out of it another creature.
So blessed be God,
The Best to create!

15. After that, at length
Ye will die.

16. Again on the Day
Of judgment, will ye be
Raised up.

17. And We have made above you,
Seven tracks; and We
Are never unmindful
Of (Our) Creation.

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura 23: Verses 12 – 17

We have to understand that death serves the life process. Consider the Brother and Sister who are enveloped in the grasp of greed and who do not want to become one with the human family. Even though life (Islam) is here, they will not accept it and come to life. You must die to the physical world in order to come to life in the real world. Life for a human being does not start in physical things. If a human being manifests nothing but physical (biological) life in his body, the doctors call him "dead." In order to be called "alive," you must manifest signs of human life in your being.


Skyscrapers Reduced To Dust

When we look at the activity of death in creation, we see that this activity suggests great things to the minds of men and women who are thinking with good senses. We see the trees come up strong, drop their fruit down to the ground, and new life sprouts-up from a seed that looks dead. We see human beings come up from their youth, mate, have children, and go out of the physical world just like a dried up tree grows out of the physical world, but there is a new life coming up behind them. We see everything that is of biological life moving out and back into the physical creation. It moves out, it reaches its fullness, it dies and then it goes back in. The leaf, the piece of fruit, or the tree that has lived its time out and has fallen back in the earth eventually looks like nothing but the ground. Even great structures and skyscrapers that industrial technology have put up for us are going to corrode into dust and powder. In time, people will come behind us and see these mighty skyscrapers as nothing but earth. Nothing can resist the way of Almighty God.


Escape Hole To Nothing


38. And call not, besides God,
On another god. There is
No god but He. Everything
(That exists) will perish
Except His own Face.
To Him belongs the Command,
and to Him will ye
(all) be brought back.

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura 28: Verse 88

The Holy Quran says that God has ordained that everything in creation must die. Everything is passing away except the Face of Almighty God. Many people mistakenly think that everything in creation is going to be destroyed and that nothing will be left but God. Some mystics, who think that they have to become "God" in order to survive, spend all of their time going through spiritual exercises. They neglect this world that God has put into our hands even though they are as equally responsible for the management of the world as we are. They have a share and a responsibility for building the material society, for producing food, clothing, and shelter for the people, for establishing schools to educate the people, and for nourishing the modern society to keep life progressing. Even though they are equally responsible as we are, some of these mystics think that they should go off to themselves and wipe the physical creation completely out of their minds. They fasten their minds' eye on a search for God that is away from everything of reality and creation. They think that somewhere out in space is an escape hole or a pocket that is nothing. Their desire is to jump out of the something (reality) of the real world into a pocket that is nothing so that they can "become themselves" in nothing.


No Existence Without Death

Many so-called intelligent people with doctor's degrees go into physical exercises that they call spiritual exercises to get away from their responsibilities in this world. They want to exist without having to go through the death process. Brother and sister, that is a false kind of escape that will not get you anywhere. There is a physical drunkenness and there is also a spiritual drunkenness. The spiritual drunk hallucinates just like the physical drunk hallucinates and he thinks he sees things that nobody else can see. He gets too far off on the other end and gets out of touch with reality. Islam is a balanced religion that wants man to work in his own field and woman to work in her own field. It wants humanity to do its job that is cut out for it by Almighty God. The teachings of Islam stress that the society should stay awake instead of drifting off into a dream world.


The Rule Of Charity

The death activity forces the rule of charity. Are you the kind of person who does not want to give of your talents, your knowledge, and your skills so that your brothers and sisters can also rise? Are you the kind of person who does not want to share your powers with others so that the whole society will have peace? Are you the kind of person who does not want to share your wealth to bring the poor, poverty ridden people up to a better level of living? If you are this kind of person, just remember that the forces of death are working to promote life. Pretty soon, death is going to grab you by the brains and cut out your life. You will be so feeble and foolish that you will not even be able to write a will. You will not even have the power to say where your body is to be placed. Others will place your physical body where they desire to place it and your wealth will be eaten by others. Your beautiful physical body that you pamper and love so well is going to be given to the ground and it will enter into the process (operation) of charity. The hungry worm and other creatures are going to come and get a mouthful (a taste) of that precious body you have been holding back. God's wealth will be put back into circulation through the process of charity.


Death: The Physical Life

In the forces of nature, we see the operations and the activities of death, bin in these activities by God's light we understand that these things are not teaching us to fear the physical death. They are teaching us that we ought not to fear to die physically but that we ought to fear to live a life that is nothing but a physical life. We should be afraid to live a life that is just physical life and not come into human life. We should be afraid to remain dead as a physical thing and not come into life as a human being. Wake up so that you will live and if you come to life as a human being you will begin to share what you had with others. This is religion.


Real Death

Brothers and sisters, we must have a spirit of charity among us. The wise of the world have ruled the masses for thousands and thousands of years by holding back their knowledge from us. They have only given us what time has forced them to give us. Only the servants of God, the lovers of truth, have shared the wealth of their minds with the people. I am not talking only about political establishments or political systems, I am talking about religious establishments. Selfish religious leaders have kept the truth of Almighty God hidden from the common people. The truth of the Holy Quran was revealed, not that it should be hidden, but that it should be delivered freely and openly in clear language to the people. This world has been a world living under death.

Nothing is going to bring it back to life but plain, clear, open truth. When you have any form of darkness, you have falsehood. In Islam the real death is ignorance, the absence of truth, and the absence of knowledge. No matter how much physical life you have or how much spiritual life you have, if you do not have any sense — you are dead. You can love God with all your heart, but if you do not have any light in your mind, you are loving something falsely. So we do not know who is a hypocrite or who is a liar until we bring truth before the eyes of the people. We do not know because the spiritual religion of this world is a religion of darkness and it is an existence in ignorance. When the light comes on, we do not know what hole you might try to escape into.

Brother and sister, this is judgment day. We are judged everyday of our life, but this is the universal judgment day for world society. This present time that you are living in right now is the time of judgment for the world. East, West, North and South must face the judgment. You might ask, "Does judgment come while we are physically alive?" Yes, indeed. The Holy Quran tells us that there is heaven for you in this life and there is also heaven for you in the next life.

Your brother,
W.D. Muhammad