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Imam W. Deen Muhammad

QUESTION: Do we, as Muslims in America, structure and organize our will according to the Holy Quran, or is there another guide for us to live and follow? Detroit, Mich. 

IMAM: The Quran, for the Muslim, is a book that shines light on every question that a Muslim might ask. The Quran is a complete guide for every Muslim, and the will of the Muslim should be to please Allah.
We have as an example, Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, he is the best example for us regarding how we should please Allah. He pleased Allah in the whole of his life, and if we follow his example, his moral excellence, and his excellence as a Servant of God in the cause of humanity, then we will be going in the right direction.
We don't look to the Quran to see our will or what will we should have, not in that way. We look to the Quran to see what is the will of God, and when we see what is the will of Allah, then we try to comply.

QUESTION: What is the Muslim view, of funerals as regards to buying flowers or, headstones? How do we relate to attending wakes and participating with non Muslim family members?

IMAM: As Muslims, we have our own burial procedures, and I would simply that the Imam in your region can give the details of that when it is necessary. And the Muslims should prefer Muslim burial arrangements for Muslims.

As for the funeral procession, generally I speaking, I don't think Muslims give as much attention to that as, perhaps, non-Muslims. We are obligated to make the arrangements in due time and when we at proceeding to the burial grounds, ‘‘ should proceed right along, not to go any way that would present any traffic problems or anything, or spend too much time moaning on the way. Just to proceed right along, and carry out the official requirements and make a du'a, a prayer, at the sight and return home.

I think it's nice to decorate the grave site with flowers. In our relationship with non-Muslim especially our relatives, I think we have an obligation as Muslims to respect their sensitivities too. We should try to do a: much as we can to respect their sensitivities without breaking or violating any rule of our religion. I find nothing wrong with giving flowers and attending the funeral arrangements by Christians. If the relative is non-Muslim, there is nothing wrong with that.

We should give support to our family members, whether they are Muslims or Christians.