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ALLAH - The Rabb Of All The Worlds

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(EDITOR'S NOTE: Following are excerpts from a set of two tapes now available by mail order from the Sister Clara Muhammad Memorial Educational Foundation.)

SOMETIMES we can pass by little things we see in our life, things that may hold great meaning — revelations.

A little baby just born into the world cries. Why? It seems like it was very peaceful in its mother. So peaceful, in fact, the mother sometimes worries — she wants to get a response. She'll he punching her stomach and saying. "Hey—do something. You're supposed to be there. What's happening?"
Sometimes we see him — his elbow: may­be the print of his elbow shows outside of the stomach. He might be turning over a little bit, getting inanother position or some­thing. But there's no violence going onin the stomach.

The baby is delivered, the doctor ex­amines it, and after many, many times of ex­amination he finally learns that the baby comes here with a purity— no germs, and an immunity against the ordinary germs that bother us. I think they say it's a 6-month immunity. See how wonderful Allah is. The baby comes here looking wonderful.

Now you may say,what about those who don't come here so wonderful? There are a few. They are few, and when you consider the way most of us live, we should have more coming here that are irregular. It's only the blessing of Allah that we have so many coming here regular, considering the way we live. We have abused the machine that Allah made for the babies to come into and come out of.
When the baby cries, what makes it cry? The baby doesn't like cruelty. The baby dislikes cruelty.
What else makes it cry?The baby dislikes filth. When the baby is crying, go see what's the matter. I just fed it, it shouldn't be hungry—maybe the diaper needs changing. The baby doesn't like filth.

Check the bed and see if there's a hard ob­ject under the baby, the baby doesn't like cruelty.
Allah has created a child and has treated that child well, scientific proof that God has not been treating that child cruel because that child comes here disliking cruelty. Scientific proof that God hasn't subjected that child to a filthy environment, because that child comes here disliking filth; Scientific proof that Allah did not subject that child to confusion, because that baby comes heredisliking confusion.

If you start a lot of confusion, the baby will start crying. The baby doesn't like con­fusion, the baby doesn't like filth, the baby doesn't like cruelty. If you start beating on each other, the baby starts crying. That should tell us something.
Allah said, see My signs in the heavens about you, see My signs in the earth below you, see My signs in you. But most people go on heedless, not paying attention to My signs.