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The Judgment: Part 2

W.D. Muhammad


6. One Day everything that
Can be in commotion
will Be in violent commotion,

7.  Followed by oft-repeated

8.  Hearts that Day
Will be in agitation ;

9. Cast down will be
(Their owners) eyes.

10. They say (now) : " What!
Shall we indeed be
Returned to (our) former state ?-

11. "What!—when we shall
Have become rotten bones ? "

12. They say : " It would,
In that case, be
A return with loss ! "

13. But verily, it will
Be but a single
(Compelling) Cry,

14.  When, behold, they
Will be in the (full)
Awakening (to Judgment)

Holy Quran translation by Yusuf Ali: Sura LXXIX: Verses 6-14


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam –Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
When violence and corruption reach their fullness in the history of man's evolution on earth, the Bible predicts a great, destructive flood. It also prophesies that darkness will come upon the world, but before darkness comes the scripture predicts that poison will fill the atmosphere. When we think of these things, Brothers and Sisters, we can see that they are talking about realities that we are living with right now.


Pride In Perversion

The poison is the dope, the alcohol, the perversion in the society. The society has become so perverted that it is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. This wicked society practices its filth right out in broad daylight. They boldly display nudity and degenerate-acts on television to let you know that they are not ashamed of their perverted nature.

This is a world that even allows the perverters of society to come into the private homes of people through television. The Book says that there will come a time when time will be no more. I am telling you, we have reached that point, time is no more. We are living in a society where there is no protection at all nor is there any respect for anything or anybody.


"Doomsday" Is Here

The government leaders of today do not know what to do. They are walking around like doped - up victims that are powerless to speak to the evil. They do not have the courage to stand up on national television and tell the country that we need leaders who will stand up for the moral rights and decency of the individual. They will not stand up for truth because they feel so much a part of the corruption that they cannot find enough strength to stand against it. If you are guilty of what everyone else is guilty of, you will remain quiet when the question of having a problem is brought up. The leadership of the world today is so much a part of the evil and the filth that has been brought upon the world that when the question is raised, they stay quiet.

How can we expect to save ourselves from their doom? This is not our doom, the doom is coming against world leadership—not against the victims of society. The judgment is going to change the form of leadership in the world because it is going to take the leaders out of their positions and it is going to kill their power. It is going to deny them the authority that they have enjoyed for so long. We see that this kind of judgment has already gone a long way; in fact, it has crippled and tied the hands of the rulers. The rulers come out, but they cannot show off any more. "Doomsday" is here for them.


The Worst Poison

The poison gas that has been prophesied is out. Today we see all kinds of evil that make the mind sick and dizzy and that make the heart weak and painful. Of all the kinds of poison, the worst poison is the poison of twisted scriptural revelation. The Bible and the Holy Quran tells us that there is coming a time when judgment is going to fall on the head of Satan himself. Before judgment falls on the head of Satan, it is going to fall on the heads of society. Society is going to have to suffer for its evil first. When society comes under its punishment, the world is going to start wondering what or who has brought about all of this trouble and torment. "What has happened to the world?"

When society begins to wonder, Almighty God is going to address someone in the society to see just what is taking place. The Bible says that God will make a witness in every community, in every people. The witness will be someone who will recognize the sign of divine working in the world. He will be a witness, not for the people, but for God. That witness is going to stand up and tell the world that he has the power to tell people why they are troubled. He will let them know why the world is shaking and quaking.


Mount Everest Is Crumbling

The Book says that there is going to come a great earthquake. This is another part of the coming destruction that the masses of ignorant people have misunderstood. The prophets were not predicting a physical earthquake that would destroy the cities and towns of the world . The earthquake is the shaking of the physical form (the economy) of the society. This evil world has tried to keep all of the physical economy in one people's hands or in one geographical locality, but God is going to make a shaking come about to tumble down the great Mount Everest of wealth. The greedy rulers will not have all of the world's wealth any more.

Another part of the earthquake is the shaking of your physical form within yourself. You think of yourself as a physical being. You deal with each other from physical standpoints and from physical viewpoints. You think of yourself as a physical power. When you are made angry, you rise up in yourself as a physical force and start threatening your provoker. When we act in this manner, we are just evidencing the sickness of the world's leadership. The leadership of the world has acted like a belligerent bully who only has strength in his physical form. In this day of the great earthquake, truth is going to hit the world's rulers in their physicalized form and cause it to break. It is going to weaken them in spots and they are going to find their physical form crumbling. They will look for their physical force, but they are not going to be able to find it. Today, even the mightiest nation of physical force cannot push away the waters of the people with the threat of physical force like it used to do. Even if they threaten the masses with physical weapons, the people do not back up like they used to do.

The great earthquake that is prophesied is the quaking, the shaking, and the falling apart of your own physical form. The scripture says that the whole world will go under a great quake, a shifting about, a changing of the physical things that have been established out of due proportion. There may be too much material wealth in a certain nation's hand or there may be too much physical power in a certain individual's mouth.

Any leader who says that he can kill, that he can change the world, that he can dominate life, that be can bring people into submissive obedience by physical force is lying. God has not given him that kind of power. The only reason why he has had the freedom to execute that kind of false power is because the world has been under darkness and in ignorance.


The Light Of God

God says there is coming a time when he is going to light the world. When He lights the world, His light reaches the ignorant man just as it reaches the wise man. His light penetrates the thickest, grossest darkness and it even penetrates physical things like the thick, dark minds Of the rejecters of truth. We, the Bilalian people of America, can bear witness that the light of God has the power to bring life to a dumb, dead people. In the world community of Islam in the West, we see the power of God to let complicated knowledge and involved principles enter into the heads of ignorant people make them understand the truth with clear vision.


The Right Of Punishment

Today, I am teaching punishment because judgment is punishment for this world. The God Who is doing the punishing is the God who started man out rightly. No one has the right to punish but the one Who is in rightful ownership of the thing that is going to be punished. The rightful owner of the world has the right to punish the world when the world gets outside of His guidance. The mother or the father has the right to punish the child for what it does against itself. Today, God says to the world that it has wronged itself. God has made the man right and set him on the right course, but man has wronged himself. No one has the right to punish the world but God because the world belongs to Him.


The Best Judge


4 We have in need created man
In the best of moulds,

5. Then do We abase him
(To be) the lowest
Of the low,-

6.  Except such as believe
And do righteous deeds :
For they shall have
A reward unfailing.

7. Then what can,
After this, contradict thee,
As to the judgment
(To come) ?

8.  Is not God
The wisest of Judges ?

Holy Quran translation by Yusuf Ali: Sura XCV: Verses 4 -8


The Holy Quran says that the best judge is God, Himself. What judge can be better than He who has been around for all periods of time. He who was around with the earliest generation of man, He who saw the first man peek his head up among the trees? That One saw man come up on the earth like a little baby, crawl around on his hands and knees, and shiver and shake when the lightning flashed and the thunder roared. He saw man run into the woods and hide behind stones, fearing the forces of creation. That God was around before man got power, before he got cities, before he got the boldness and the arrogance that he has today. But now, all that boldness is being watered down because this is the judgment. That One has been around for all periods of time and knows where man got off the track and He knows when man got off the track.

That One knows your inner being and he knows the quiet thoughts that go on in, your subconscious as well as in your conscious. He can weigh that thought which is not even heard by you in your being and know that you are guilty of the conscious thought but that the unconscious evil that was planted in you by an outside force has contributed to the conscious act of yours. He will excuse you for the part of the wrong for which you are blameless and He will blame you for the part of the wrong for which you are guilty. Almighty God knows everything and He can penetrate the very cause of everything. He is the only One qualified to do that kind of judgment. Brothers and Sisters, we are talking about judgment, the judgment of the whole world.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.
W.D. Muhammad