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QUESTION: We know that Imam W. Deen Muhammad has much to share with the world, and we feel that if he can get the kind of media exposure we would like to have him get, crime would be reduced. A lot of immorality would be reduced right here in our immediate community, and there's a great need for that.

Would you comment on how this exposure would assist society in general and our community, the Bilalian people — the African-American — in particular.

WDM: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) -- I'm speaking now of the one whom our Holy Book, the Quran, came to from God — he said the community, the Muslims, are the doers of good. And that they should cooperate in advancing good and should refuse to cooperate in advancing bad.

Again the Holy Book says of Muslims: "...And let there rise up from among you" meaning Muslims of the world — "a group advancing all that is good and protesting all that is bad...." And again the Holy Book says: "...You are the community that God has raised up for the benefit of all humanity...”

I think those teachings put the point forward that Muslims are asked to stand upon what they believe and to be a reflection of the best of what they've been given (their d religion), but at the same time they are supposed to cooperate not only with Muslims, but also with non-Muslims in advancing the common good.

I think that if we are going to get exposure on the public media then we should not try to convert people to our religion — that should not be the objective. The objective should be to share that which we feel is good for everybody and assist each other and the public, and assist everybody who is promoting the common good.