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Imam Muhammad in Wash., D.C.: Part 3

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


PRAISE BE to Allah. So we're not made just from a rib. We're a balance between the rib and the backbone. We're the best of the rib and the loin. That's alright. And He (Allah} says a gushing fluid. A fluid that comes with forcefulness. That's the intellect.

And when you have a challenge, the intellect is forceful. It'll kick like a mule. Good God Almighty! I see what I have to do now. I have to execute this. It comes with power, with forcefulness. When you have somebody who's always talking about they've got big ideas and they never show any signs of life, they don't have any big ideas. They're sleeping. If you have big ideas you show life.

ONE BROTHER told me: "Brother Imam, I can't believe it. Are you the man I saw speak at such and such a place?"

I said. "Yes, I am."

He said, "You look so weak, so passive. You don't look like a big man, a tough man —you look small, Brother Imam. When I saw you speak, you looked like a big man."

I didn't say anything, because I was just enjoying what he was saying, I was reflecting, I said, how wonderful Allah is. When you're dealing with big things you become big. In my private house I'm dealing with something much smaller than the community's future. Being a father in my home is a small problem, small responsibility compared to the responsibility of carrying the community forward.

BEING AN inspiration to a community that wants to go forward, that's a big job. That's no small job. So when I come before this big job I'm like a piece of metal that gets a charge from a magnet of that size. But when I'm at home I'm just a small charge.

That's the way all of us should be. In our private life we should be natural and normal, we should be approachable. Momma can come over and kiss you. She won't feel you're going to snap at her. Your son can come home and put his arm around you and won't feel you're going to break his neck.

If the son comes and says "Daddy" to some of us you say "What is it?!" (mean growl), because you've been conditioned to do that. The world has driven you crazy. Your own child comes up and says "Da" and you say, "What is it, what is it?!" (You say it with a mean attitude.) And then have to apologize later.

If your husband or your wife comes up and kisses you on the jaw: "What are you doing?!" (mean). You're conditioned to be combative. All the time.

If somebody gives you a glass of water: "What is that?!!" As-Salaam-Alaikum: "Who you talking to?!!"

They didn't know I was within hearing range, and I heard one say. "Don't As-Salaam-Alaikum me!" This should tell us something. Your senses have gotten out of touch with that balance God wants in us. where we're in touch with what is proper, what is just, and what is right. Yet. at the same time, we're not out of touch with the need to bend a little bit, be compassionate; protect that that needs protecting.

THE HEART AND the lungs are very vital to our body, but they are very vulnerable. They need a rib cage- They need some strong stones to protect them. And we should bring our strength to the weak.

And you know the Honorable Elijah Muhammad...was a man who wanted to bring his people's senses to collect—to come together, to form in togetherness. He was trying to pool the senses of his people so they wouldn't just be wasted and just scattered, evaporated everywhere. He was trying to pool them.

And the white man was playing pool with our senses: "Put this nigger in the side pocket. Yeah, that nigger over there—let's put his brains in the other one." He was playing on a pool table with our senses and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was trying to pool the senses, trying to bring them together so they could work together.

And now I have AMMCOP to pool the resources. Physical resources, energies, money, time, everything. Pooling it. That's wonderful. That means progress, victory.

YOU KNOW when President Nixon did that (gesture), he looked like a bird flying. I said, that man is trying to say something; one day I'm going to learn what he's trying to say. I finally learned what he was trying to say.

They have a Greek 'god' called Hercules. He's the greatest of the Greek 'gods’: He descended from his father and he was the one who was given the power to conquer the forces of the world. Hercules the great.

Hercules gave the white man the "V" sign. You point like this. That's telling the man to take his vision out of the sky. Put the vision down here. "V" up, vision up. "V” down, vision down. “'V" for victory —vision.

We hear that all the time and we don't even think: "What does the white man mean—"V"? We think he means victory is for the word "victory." You don't have to tell me that—a kid goes to school and learns his A-B-Cs: "V" is for victory, "Z" is for zebra. But they're saying more than that; they're saying "vision" and "victory" are the same. Vision for vision. When it goes up, he means heavenly vision....

NOW ALLAH chose Arabic to reveal the last religion. And we're taught by the Prophet and by the scholars that He chose Arabic because Arabic was the most powerful language in expression. That's why he chose it. He didn't choose it because they were Arabs, he chose it because of the language, not because of the ethnicity,

Now you have a "V" in Arabic. That V in Arabic is equivalent to 7 in English numbers. V up—that means heavenly. Then you have a number that's 8 and it's V down. And Muhammad was the 8th one. Abraham was the 7th one. Muhammad established the    order of Abraham. The 8th one makes whole and consistent what the others brought, and presents it in a way so that it cures the ills of society for all time because its application   is universal; it has nothing to do with time, place, race, etc. It applies in all situations and for all times. Vision going down is for victory. Victory, going, down.  So you have to have victory up, victory in the heavens.

WHAT IS THE victory they mean in the heavens'? Victory in ourselves. Victory in the individual. That's victory in the heavens. No two or three people experience heaven or hell together. One person alone experiences heaven and one person alone experiences hell. 1 have to tell you about my hell. We don't live in hell together. We live in hell separately.

(To be continued)