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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

January 22, 1993

Muslim Journal

The Destiny

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

I will not have my humanity and my intelligence disrespected, and I Swill not have yours disrespected if I can do something about it.
We plan to have excellent schools. We have to do this independently. While we want to move up in the system, we also want to establish that we can be responsible for systems within the system. We want to be responsible "within the law" of America is a more correct statement. We want to have a business economic system and business establishments within the system of America and respected by the system of America, respecting the law of its system.

We want to give this independent system form and character by our Islamic perception and sensitivities as well as by our inherent genius. And don't think we don't have that. We want to see us established in all quarters of life independently, as well as working together with all people. That is what makes America so special and so unique in terms of  what is its democracy. That democracy allows for that.

Look how long America has tolerated the existence of the Ku Klux Klan. But we are talking about noble aspirations and are not talking  about the aspirations of a Dracula or of a Wolfman. We are talking about  the aspirations of human beings and especially those of noble human beings, a human being in his excellence. Let us identify in the beauty of  America and identify in the excellence of America and identify with the best dreams and best aspirations of the American people beginning with  the Founding Fathers.

Let us believe in our God, Who says to us in our Holy Book, "Seek with the means that God has made possible for you the Hereafter, the After Life or the Destiny," which is better than anything we can have! now. It is out of sight and God does not allow us to see it. And if He does not allow us to see it, He won't tell us to get out on a highway and try to find it at 1-90. You have to find it with your heart, with your spirit, with your soul.

What Allah wants us to find is the halal, which is the Muslim term. For the non-Muslim audience they would understand that God wants us to find what is kosher. Allah wants us to find a halal establishment on this earth. And this includes that we be responsible for independent vision within the vision and for independent destiny within the destiny. Our destiny is to have a fine Islamic community that even Christians and others will be proud of.