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Artificial Brains

Imam W. D. Muhammad


29. Seest thou not that
God merges Night into Day
And lie merges Day into Night;
That He has subjected the sun
And the moon (to His Law),
Each running its course
For a term appointed ; and
That God is well-acquainted
With all that ye do?

30. That is because God is
The (only) Reality, and because
Whatever else they invoke
Besides Him is Falsehood;
And because God,—He is
The Most High, Most Great.

Yusuf Ali translation – Holy Quran, Sura  XXXI: verses 29, 30

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam –Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The grafted (unnatural) mentality of Caucasian leadership has created a problem for people of color the world over and for Caucasians themselves. The problem is seeing the world in false pictures. A picture has already-been designed for you to see before you even become acquainted with the object. Before you come to know what a woman is for yourself, this society has already given you a false picture of woman. It has also given you a false picture of man, child, father, mother, and everything else. Before you get old enough to see things in the world for yourself, they have given you a false picture so that when you get old enough you won't be able to see the reality of the things.


People Of Color Were Denied Elementary Truths

You might say, "I know what a man is." You do not know what a man is unless you have learned the definition of man since I have been teaching. You don't know what a woman is either. If you don't know what a man or a woman is, how can you know what a father or a mother is? How can you even know what a leader is? These elementary truths have been presented to you in false form to keep you from ever coming into the real truth. This includes the whole world, except a very few. We have been dealt with in a way that makes us the most ignorant of all the people.

The simple knowledge that this world has to offer the people to enable them to make some social progress has been denied to us. People of color could not go to school and get the same knowledge that Caucasian rulers got. If we did go to school, we couldn't benefit as they benefited because we had been so deprived. They had been prepared by their parents and their society to accept the language of the classroom. Unless you were an exceptional child or genius, you would fail or you would barely make it.



There are some simple keys that you need to open up your mind and you vision so that you can see things as they are (reality). Once you get these simple keys, you can progress smoothly. Your children will come here wiser and you will automatically feel freer mentally. You will understand things better by just studying a few simple keys.

You usually think of human beings just as flesh and blood. If someone was to ask you what a man is, you would describe him in physical terms. You would probably say that a man is a member of the male sex. A man is not a physical thing, a man is something that is embodied in a physical form.

If you want to move a physical object, something has to happen mentally first. Once something happens mentally, the mental action will drive the physical form to do its bidding. So why describe people as physical things when they are fundamentally and by character non-physical things? This may sound strange to you because the world has made you strange. As long as you are all physical you can't develop any further than a physical thing.



The physical form doesn't rule the world, minds rule the world. Those minds know that as long as they keep you physical, you're not going to make trouble for them that they can't handle. You're in bad trouble when people are making trouble for you and you can't see them and you can't see the trouble that they're making for you. That has been the condition of the world under the rule of the grafted Caucasian mentality.

The physical has its place and it has its power. The physical fatigue in your physical makeup will force you to give in to the physical body and rest it. The physical body will press upon your will to let it rest if sleep overcomes it. Finally it makes your will give in for the body's sake, for your sake. In order to express your self tomorrow, you need some physical rest for your physical body, not for your mind.

You might say, "My mind feels much better after I've rested physically." That's because your body is your subject and your subject is your burden. When your subject is burdened it puts burden upon the one who has to rule the subject. But the fatigue is not in the mind, the fatigue is in the body. You might say, "My mind gets tired too." That's because your mind, to a great extent, is still physical.

If your mind was not physical, you could work your mind 24 hours a day and it would never get tired. In fact, your mind would feel better the more it worked. When you are dealing with physical things, (like trying to figure out how to make some more money or how to provide for your material needs, your mind gets "worn out" because these things are of a physical nature.

It is possible to think 24 hours a day, even when you are sleeping. Not only can you think when you are sleeping but you can make progress when you are sleeping. If you go to sleep with a problem and work on the problem while you are sleeping, you can get up and continue to work on its solution.



A prophet of Israel can stand up with limited wisdom and become a great and respected prophet of Israel. But a Bilalian could stand up with universal wisdom and his own people would never recognize him. This should tell you that something is wrong with us. The problem is that we have been conditioned to reject each other, no matter how free you think you are.

A black man could be president of the country, but as long as that black man doesn't have a natural "black" mind in his natural black head, he's nothing but a "white" man's president. The worse "white" man you can find is a black man with an artificial mind from the white grafted mentality in his head.

It's a shame that you can't stand up for your own kind. You can't stand up for yourself. Believe me, I am yourself. I am more yourself than you are yourself. I am in accord with the nature that God made for human beings That nature is as much your nature as it
is my nature.



The majority of the people are slow to accept the teachings of the Nation of Islam because they are dead in their hearts, minds and souls. Nothing is alive in that kind of person but a big brain that the "white" man produced for them. I am not saying that they are 100 per cent dead, but a man doesn't have to be 100 per cent dead to be, in effect, dead. If your legs, your arms, your hearing, and your vision are gone and your voice is dead, you are "dead," no matter how much life is in your body.

For the most part, we have people in our communities who put food in their mouths, who dress themselves, and who follow their daily routines, but they are dead. If they weren't dead, they would be doing everything that they possibly could do to push this Nation of Islam forward and ahead.



We have leadership here for black people first, for black people as a family. In our messianic mission, we are superior to anything that is moving on the earth today. I am trying to move back the clouds of confusion that exist in your minds. I'm trying to give you some courage because, as a people, you're weak. You are people who have been beaten down by centuries of brutal enslavement. You think you are free now but you are still a slave.


20. Do ye not see
That God has subjected
To your (use) all things
In the heavens and on earth,
And has made His bounties
Flow to you in exceeding
Measure, (both) seen and
unseen ?

Yet there are among men
Those who dispute about God,
Without knowledge and without
Guidance, and without a Book
To enlighten them !

Holy Quran – Yusuf Ali Translation – Sura XXXI: Verse 20




You were created to be a man and a woman. God did not create you to be a tool. He created you to be an instrument that is able to tool other things. Any person that is willing to die and to become nothing but a tool in somebody else's hand is not fit to live as a human being. We are human beings and if we don't hold God first and last and always in our hearts, we don't have any protection.

You will continue to be nothing but a tool or a play toy in the hands of the establishment until you come up with some real leadership. We have to get together and realize what we have and depend upon what we have first.

Our leadership in the Nation of Islam has improved the works, the value, and the image of Bilalian people here in America all over the world.



To men who have a country and who run their own families, most black people here are not men. They are right to judge you that way because if you are not thinking with a new brain, you are thinking with an old brain. Old brains in AMERICA ARE ALL ARTIFICIAL BRAINS PASSED DOWN BY THE SLAVEMASTER TO THE SLAVE.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your Brother, W.D. Muhammad




The Wisdom of W.D. Muhammad:

All of a sudden a community has sprung up, growing as a small germ out of sight for about 43 years. During the last decade, a community has manifested its presence in America a community called the Lost -Found Nation of Islam in America. This community operates independently of America's leadership. It speaks from its own mind and its own feelings. It has no representation from the White House or from the Mayor's office. It has no support from the Pope, from the Baptists, from the Methodists, or from anybody but itself. We don't even call on the same God that they call on. We don't use the name "God" as a proper name for the God that we worship, we say "Allah." We stand up, we operate independently, and we say things in behalf of Black people that all so -called Black leaders outside of the Nation of Islam are afraid to say. We do this successfully, with the government intimidating us all the time. Our own people mocked us until it became too shameful for them to make mockery.

People make themselves artificial. You are not born artificial, you are born human beings. You're supposed to sit down and talk with each other as human beings.