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The Heaven Of Allah

W.D. Muhammad Chief Minister


255. God! There is no god
But He,—the Living,
The Self-subsisting, Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him
Nor sleep.   His are all things
In the heavens and on earth.
Who is there can intercede     
In His presence except
As He permitteth ?   He knoweth
What (appeareth to His creatures

As) Before or After
Or Behind them.
Nor shall they compass
Aught of His knowledge
Except as He willeth.
His Throne doth extend
Over the heavens
And the earth, and He feeleth
No fatigue in guarding
And preserving them
For He is the Most High,
The Supreme (in glory).

256.   Let there be no compulsion
In religion : Truth stands out
Clear from Error: whoever
Rejects Evil and believes
In God hath grasped
The most trustworthy
Hand-hold, that never breaks.
And God heareth
And knoweth all things.

257. God is the Protector
Of those who have faith:
From the depths of darkness
He will lead them forth.
Into light.    Of those
Who reject faith the patrons
Are the Evil Ones : from light
They will lead them forth
Into the depths of darkness.
They will be Companions
Of the fire, to dwell therein
(For ever).

Yusuf Ali Translation — Holy Quran; Sura II: Verses 255 -257


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; peace and blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

As -Salaam -Alaikum
My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
When we talk to you about Allah, we are talking about a real god, not an unreal god. Allah, God, is the power that is natural in the world, but He is so supreme that our limited minds cannot grasp His power in its entirety. We can only grasp a part of it.

God is the natural force in the heavens and in the earth that was here before the heavens and before the earth. Because that force was here before creation, it was able to produce other things. That same power is present today in my body, in your body, in the earth, in the sun, in the water, in the air, and in everything that exists.


The Strength Of God

Allah is in fire and He is in corruption, but He is not corrupted nor is He burned. That is proof of the strength of God. Allah is the God that can be present with the enemy or with the corruption and yet remain pure and untouched by it.

Allah is in everything, even death, but He is not affected by anything because everything that exists outside of Himself exists by His permission and everything got its start from Him. A thing may get off on the wrong path and it may turn into something foreign and monstrous to what God started it to be. But, nevertheless, because He started it and because he holds the life string on it, it cannot go any further off the path than He wants it to go.


Allah Shares His Great Wonders

There never was a time and there will never come a time when Allah will be upset or disturbed or worried over anything. He cannot be moved nor can He be affected. He created emotion, but He is not emotion. He created reason, but He is not reason. He created sentiment, but He is not sentiment.

Allah created all these senses to bring you to Him so that you could share in the great wonders that He brought about by Himself. That is a wonderful and a generous God. Allah is a God that creates something and then appreciates what He has created. He creates something from nothing, but He is not satisfied just to let it live and not come into the great wonders of creation.

Allah keeps moving His creature. He will whip him, turn Him around, destroy him, bury him, and then raise him up again. Allah does this to show His creature His great wonders so that His creature will come into a life that will make his life, his struggles, and his hardships all worthwhile. The Holy Quran says, "Verily we have created man into toil and struggle."


27. (To the righteous soul
Will be said :)
"O (thou) soul,
In (complete) rest
And satisfaction !

28. "Come back thou
To thy Lord,—
Well pleased (thyself),
And well-pleasing
Unto Him !

29. "Enter thou, then,
Among My Devotees !

30.  'Yea, enter thou
My Heaven !

Yusuf Ali Translation — Holy Quran; Sura LXXXIX: Verses 27-30


Heaven While You Live

The Holy Quran says that for the true believer there is no fear nor is there any grief. Brother and Sister, I want you to know that my life is heaven and yours will be heaven too if you will only believe in the truth that I am teaching you of Almighty God.

What I am telling you is that you can have heaven while you live. That is what the prophets of God have always told the people. God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, is not so weak and limited that He would have to wait until you are physically dead to put you in heaven.


Rise Above The Gravity

Heaven is something that you come into while you are living so that you will survive the death of the body. But if you do not come into heaven while you are living in the physical body, you will never come into it.

Your body is your contender and this physical world is your contender. God has placed you in the physical body in this physical world to contend with these things. If you let them overcome you, you have lost everything. Then your contenders will be the victor, so the victor takes the praise.

The physically dead body takes you down to the ground with it and you never come back again in that same physical body. But if you rise above gravity of the physical body
(the gravity of the material physical world) in this life, you have conquered the physical body while you were in it. How, then, can it conquer you when it is dead? I know that when you are physically dead you still have an existence, but I want you to believe it.


57. It is We Who have
Created you: why will ye
Not witness the Truth ?

58. Do ye then see ?—
The (human Seed) that
Ye throw out,—

59. Is it ye who create it,
Or are We the Creators ?

60.  We have decreed Death
To be your Common lot,
And We are not
To be frustrated

61. From changing your Forms
And creating you (again)
In (Forms) that ye know not.

62. And ye certainly know already
The first form of creation :
Why then do ye not
Celebrate His praises ?

Yusuf Ali Translation — Holy Quran; Sura LVI: 57-62


The Genesis Story Of Creation

The Bible, in Genesis, tells of a creation of the heavens and the earth and the making of people on earth. After it tells us that God had created the heavens, the earth, the water, the sun, the moon, the stars and the animal life of the sea and of the land, then it tells us the story of another creation: the creation of man. This story gives us keys to unlock the true understanding of the movement of the human being from dust of the earth to the heaven of Allah.


The Breath Of God


"These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.

And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew; for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.

But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed."

-GENESIS 2:4-8


Genesis says that no rain had come down to earth, so God caused it to rain. The rain wet the earth and God formed the man out of dead earth (clay) and breathed His breath into man and man became a living soul.

Why does the scripture say that it had not rained upon the earth? Why did God have to wet the ground before He made a man?

In the description of the rain falling down on dry earth, we have the two elements of "earth" and "water." After earth and water were brought in, the scripture brings in God's use of a third element which was "air" or "breath." The man was dead until God used the third element of air.


The Nature Of Water

Water represents the moral nature (moral life) of the human being. There is no human life until the person becomes morally alive. A person that is not morally alive can never become humanly alive.

The ancient writers of scripture used representations of things that they found in the physical world as symbols to speak their message. Their language was more effective and more expressive than modern languages with their millions of words that have little effect.

They used the term "water" because they knew that water, when left alone, will become unfit to drink. Standing water gathers germs and becomes filthy, but running (moving) water keeps its purity. It remains pure because the earth, working together with water, cleanses water if it will not stay with the earth but will keep running through it.

Water also responds to the heat and to the purifying rays of the sun. The sun lifts the water up into fine mists that the eye cannot see. When it lifts the water up into a fine mist, it leaves the impurities on the ground. It raises the water up to another region in the atmosphere and then seals it, causing it to collect again and to come back down as rain drops. The rain drops are not filthy and poisonous, they are pure because the sun has drawn the water up from its impurities.


Toward The True Image Of God

The moral nature of human beings is the same as the physical nature of water. It, too, can be corrupted. But if the image of Almighty God's truth and righteousness stands over it and if it comes in contact with the rays of truth and righteousness from the image of God, the moral nature of the human being will begin rising up towards the righteous and true image of God.

The ancient writers of scripture saw that the water's reaction to the sun was a good description of the moral nature in people reacting to the righteous image of Almighty God.


The Cleansing Of Moral Corruption

When the scripture in Genesis says that it had not yet rained on the earth, it means that people had not yet been cleansed of their moral corruption. So God had to shine His light on them and draw their moral nature up in order to make His man. But God is not satisfied with you being just morally right.

You are still dead as a man (mind) even though you are morally alive. Even though you have the form of a person, God has to bring in a third element (the breath of life) to complete your makeup and to make you become a "living" soul. This life comes after your moral nature has turned to God and accepted Him as the example for you to follow as a moral person.


They Laugh At Righteousness

In order for you to become a man ("man' in Genesis means prophet), you have to receive knowledge in addition to righteousness. You cannot go to the devil - minded leaders of this world and present only righteousness to them. They would make your righteousness look like a burden on you. They would make the people laugh at your righteousness.

But if God gives you the third element (divine truth), He is able to show His righteousness and with His own man (mind) He is able to defend the moral image that He designed for human beings.


Man's Brain Is For God

The Bible says that God breathed into the man the breath of His own nostrils. The wise people of ancient days used the term "breath" to describe the wisdom and the knowledge that flows out of God's "brain," as a symbolic picture God does not have a brain as we think of the physical brain, but He made your brain for Himself. God flows the knowledge out of your head to the people with your brain.

The breath that comes out of the nostrils comes from the lungs, but it feels like it comes from the forehead. Scientists say that the operating intelligence of the human brain (which contains the reasoning power and controls the voluntary actions) is in the front of the brain, or in the forehead. The part of the brain that operates without a conscious effort on the part of the human being is in the back of the brain.


"Man's" Mind Is Based In Truth

After forming you morally, God wants you to enlarge your mind to bring you into the image of a real man (mind). Until you have a knowing, strong mind based in truth, you are not really a man. Do not think of yourself as a physical person. You will never progress on the path that Almighty God has planned for you if you think like that.

What you learn in the educational institutions of the grafted (unnatural) Caucasian society is designed to program you so that you will operate safely in an artificial society. But the truth from Almighty God, in the first verses of Genesis, is designed to protect you and to save you from artificial programming. It is designed to make you a real "man.


In The Garden

The scripture says that God placed the man in the garden after making him. If a man has been made morally alive and then made mentally alive, too, he has been placed in a garden. A garden is a place that makes you feel comfortable and it is a place that feeds your natural desires.

A man feels as though he is in a garden when his moral nature and his mind are properly developed. But if his moral nature is not developed, he is always in hell and never in a garden. If he does not know how to understand the problems of life with which he is presented, those problems will torture his mind. Even though he be righteous in his heart and in his moral body, his mind will be in hell.

But, Brother and Sister, if you are formed right in your moral nature and then formed right in your mind, nothing in the outer world can make a hell for you because you have heaven with you all the time.


Jesus: "The Kingdom Is Within You"

Jesus meant the same thing when he said that the kingdom is within you. In the early days of human history, people did not know what a "kingdom" was. All they knew was undeveloped land with herds of cattle grazing on the land and roaming from one hill to another hill for pasture. But as civilization grew, men built great structures and formed cities and kingdoms.

Jesus, in his day, had lived to see the time of great city building. He did not use the term "garden" to describe the condition of heaven because the people thought of city life as being heaven. They did not think of the undeveloped land as being a paradise. Jesus was saying the same thing that Genesis is saying when it refers to the Garden of Eden (the garden of paradise). He meant that paradise (the thing that you desire) is within you.

Brother and Sister, do not worry about heaven being outside of yourself. Accept to make your own moral form what it should be. Accept that your mind be developed, expanded, and made strong by God's teachings. Then you will have your kingdom and your heaven.


The Breath Of Life

Genesis says that the man was formed and then God breathed into him with His own breath. Jesus said that man should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.

Jesus was saying that the breath of life is the teaching (the wisdom) of Almighty God. He meant that man should not feed just his physical body, but he should also feed his mind because his mind is his higher form.

We invite you to feed your mind with the teachings of the Lost -Found Nation of Islam in the West (the body - Christ). The breath of life that we offer you from Almighty God will grow you into the proper form that God desires for the human being. Once you accept to grow in the garden of your natural form, you will find the true meaning of the Heaven of Allah.


7. He Who has made
Everything which He has created
Most Good : He began
The creation of man
With (nothing more than) clay,

8. And made his progeny
From a quintessence
Of the nature of
A fluid despised :

9. But He fashioned him
In due proportion, and breathed
Into him something of
His spirit.   -And He gave
You (the faculties of) hearing
And sight and feeling
(And understanding):
Little thanks do ye give !

Yusuf Ali Translation — Holy Quran; Sura 32: Verses 7-9

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your brother,
W. D. Muhammad