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The Judgment: Part 3
The Lake Of Fire

By Imam W. Deen Mohammed


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.
There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
As -Salaam -Alaikum

My Dear Brothers and Sisters
The vast majority of the people in the world today are victims of the tricks of Satan. Their human bodies have been distorted and everything has been changed in them. They have been taken out of the natural form and the natural order of human life. The only way you can get out of that unnatural form is to force yourself.


Real Human Life

When the real human life comes into men and women who have problems, they still cannot change the world for the benefit of themselves unless they use the power that has been given to them by Almighty God. How can the prophet of God guide people who are habitually resisting guidance? How can he cause the people to hear who have resisted receiving influence from hearing his words? The rebellious people have already decided that they are not going to be influenced by what they hear and that they are not going to be influenced by what they see. The Holy Quran says that people will ask the prophet how he expects to give sight to the blind when they have already decided that they are not going to be influenced by what they see. How does he expect to give hearing to those who cannot hear when they have already decided that they are not going to be influenced by what they hear?


The Power In You

Brother and Sister, it is all up to you. The power is in you. Once the truth strikes you and you recognize it, it is all in your hands from that point on. Nobody can do anything for you, you have to de something for yourself. When Jesus brought about a kind of change in the people, he did not say that he did it — he said, "Your faith has saved you." The Holy Quran tells us the same thing. Once God's light (truth) strikes you and you recognize the truth has struck you, it is it your own hands from then on. You have to take charge of that power (truth) that is working in you, There is a power and force in creation that is great enough to change your life, to change your environment, to turn enemies back, to turn misfortune into fortune. The power is yours, but if you do not use it nothing h going to happen.


Salvation Has Come

Most of you fear to use this great power with which God has blessed you. Instead of trusting the power that is within yourself, you start listening to something else "Outside of your own human environment. You should stop trying t, escape the truth that is trying to enter your mind and turn your senses on again.
If your senses are never turned on, you are going to remain "dead" for the rest of your life. Salvation has come to you through your senses but if you do not accept what comes into your senses and use it and act upon it, you are going to remain "dead." God is not going to force you into life that you do not want when it comes to you. You have to accept life for yourself.


Where Can You Hide?


44. Verily God will not deal Unjustly with man in aught: It is man that wrongs His own soul.

45. One day He will Gather them together : (It will be) as if They had tarried But an hour of a day : They will recognize each other: Assuredly those will be lost Who denied the meeting With God and refused To receive true guidance.

46. Whether We show thee (Realised in thy life-time) Some part of what We Promise them.—or We Take thy soul (to Our Mercy) (Before that),—in any cue. To Us is their return : Ultimately God is winners. To all that they do.

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali Translation, Sura 10, Verse 44 - 46


You punish yourself for everything you do that is against the will of God. God, Himself says through the scriptures that it is not He Who punishes you, you punish yourself. He has set things into the proper (natural) balance. If you change this balance, you will bring hell on yourself and you cannot blame anyone else for it. The judgment is on you today. You cannot hide anywhere because the light of truth is everywhere. Have you noticed that you cannot lie and get away with it anymore? The end has come, the truth is out, the light is everywhere. There is no place for Satan to hide. He has to be destroyed. In the World Community of Islam in the West, we are killing him today with our universal message of truth. God has already punished the leadership of the world and He has also punished the societies of the world for their sins. They are all suffering today; in fact, they are just living on borrowed time so to speak. The first judgment has already come and it has beaten the world down so that it is drooping under the burden of its own sins and misdeeds. The judgment has now come to the very mind of Satan. The evil Satanic mind cannot exist anymore, Brother and Sister, so where do you think you are going to hide?


The Fullness Of Satan


7. If thou pronounce the word Aloud, (it is no matter): For verily He knoweth What is secret and what Is yet more hidden.

8. God! there is no god But He! To Him belong The Most Beautiful Names.

9. "Has the story of Moses Reached thee?

10. Behold, he saw a fire: So he said to his family,"Tarry ye; I perceive a fire; perhaps I can bring you some burning brand therefrom, or find some guidance at the fire."

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali Translation, Sura 20, Verse 7 - 10.


Do not look to a time after you have physically died and gone to the grave for the judgment that you have been hearing about all your life. The judgment that you see in the Bible is not a judgment on the individual person for his or her individual sins. It is the judgment that is coming against the world. This present generation are witnesses to that judgment right now. The Book (Bible) says that all the evil that the wicked mind of Satan's grafted mentality has invented will grow and grow and grow until it reaches its fullness. When it reaches its fullness, it will break the boundaries and flood all throughout the society. That would be the great punishment, the great judgment. That judgment has punished the leadership of the world as well as the masses of the world. Judgment has already come in the form of the return of Noah's flood, the return of evil plagues. The poison that was prophesied to be let loose in the atmosphere is already out.



The fire that was prophesied to come and set the world afire and to turn the lake into a lake of fire has already come. That fire is the fire of plain truth. The plain truth is out now and it is burning up the beast that sits in the lake of sweet water. We are burning up the beast of wickedness, the beast of lies, the beast of greed and materialism. Brother and Sister, all of this is happening in your lifetime, so do not look to any day in the future for the judgment of the world. This is the judgment.
Thank you for honoring us with you time to read these few words.

Your brother,
W. D. Muhammad