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The Mystery Of Christ Revealed: Part 4

Imam W. D. Muhammad


With the Name Allah (In the Name of God), the Gracious, the Compassionate.


After several weeks of discussion on the mystery of Christ, we dare not ignore the allegorical revelation in the idea of the virgin (pure) birth.

The scripture in the Old Testament, predicted that a virgin would give birth to a son. Now some people will say, "Oh, isn't this a miracle." If you accept this in a literal sense, it is not a miracle —it is a tragedy If we read the Bible as carnal language, it is telling us that Mary was raped Doesn't God say in the Bible, "Do not covet," (do not desire women that don't .belong to you)? And doesn't God say that rape is a sin? If we read the Bible as carnal language, then it is telling us that Mary was raped. It says that she was overpowered by the Holy Ghost and became pregnant with child. Now what does overpowered mean? Overpower means to take by force.

If Mary were one of our girls or one of the girls in our community, what do you think the court would do to that Holy Ghost? If Mary would go to the court and say what is said in the Bible: "I was a virgin, your Honor, and this Holy Ghost came and overpowered me," the judge would say, "Look, this woman is an upright and truthful woman.

"She is known to be righteous and truthful. If she says that you raped her, then you raped her. Holy Ghost, twenty years."

We should want to know why the language was composed like this. It was forcing the world to unlock the secret. The language is tied up to things totally objectionable so that your mind could never live with it forever. The intelligent mind in time would see that there is cannibalism in this language. There is rape in this language The worst crimes of society are in the language of our religion.

Without divine guidance the intelligent mind would do what Communist Russia or Communist China and the other Communist worlds did that were once under Christianity. They saw "foreign devil" in the religion and they kicked religion out. They called the Western priests, "foreign devils."

When they discovered how religion was subtly suggesting the worst crimes, shrouded or veiled in a language of the most sinful nature, they just threw it all out and called all of the priests foreign devils Many of those priests were good people and didn't know what wrath was coming down on them. They couldn't see the strange contradiction in their religion. They couldn't see that their religion had the spirit of Christ in it, but was wearing the skin of Satan and was possessed.

Let us go back into the Old Testament and find out what is the meaning of virgin. It tells us that a virgin means a people who had never begotten a prophet. The Bible makes a point of telling us that Mary was not only a virgin, but she was raised in the religious order. It says that she was a clean, truthful and upright person.

The Bible is talking about a society that had given itself to righteous living and that it was expecting a prophet, but that prophet hadn't come Now that is what Mary represents.

The virgin Mary gave birth to "a manchild" and that "manchild" is a prophet. In the language there is a hint to let us know that the "man" is man common and man proper. It means man with a little "m" and Man with a big "M."

Man with a big "M" is the prophet of God or the leader for the common man. It says that no man had touched Mary, meaning that no prophet had come and taught these people or that society. They were a people who were on their own. They had stopped following the mainstream of the Jews. They had rebelled and broken off and were practicing their own spiritual discipline. They were waiting, praying, fasting, living a good life and waiting for God to show some sign among them that He had picked one of them to be their leader.

So they were a society who were waiting on a prophet or on a child to be born, yet they were a virgin people, a righteous society that had never enjoyed an intimate relationship with the secretive Rabbis and had not become pregnant with a prophet.

Let us look in the Bible and see what "woman" often represents Look through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will see that "Eve" doesn't represent a woman. Eve is a type of trouble that takes over certain societies.

The same thing applies to Jezebel, Solome, and Delilah All of these women represent community types. If all of these women represent society types, then how could Mary be anything other than a society type. Mary is that good, righteous-minded, good living, God-fearing society type waiting on a prophet to be born among them. But before the prophet can be born among them, someone has to be inspired with Divine revelation.

So the Holy Ghost came upon that Mary society and it became inspired by the revelation of God. It was a society that became inspired to devote themselves fully to divine guidance and revelation, without it coming from any man or any of the world's leadership existing at that time. It  was a leaderless and powerless people that were moved by the inspiration of God's Word.

The people saw signs of this new religious spirit and said, "Look this community is pregnant." They were saying, "How can this community be pregnant when it didn't have any Rabbinical leadership? There was no man or no Rabbinical mind married to it. How can this community be pregnant with a prophet and no Jewish leadership has been here teaching them?" They were saying that a "David" has to have a "Samuel" to Christian him in the doctrine.

Nobody had been feeding this community the hidden teachings of prophecy. They had been independently searching the Word of God with good hearts and good intentions, and God had brought about a prophet this time without the help of Rabbinical leadership. That is how Jesus came to be a prophet.

Jesus wasn't a man who was into the secret knowledge of the Jewish teachings of Judaism. He was not intimate with the Rabbis. He was a man who was outside of Judaism, but questioning Judaism. He belonged to a secret order of religious people who were on their own studying and searching secret doctrine, and through this study and searching was blessed by Allah and came into the understanding of the scripture. He got this understanding and it was not with the help of the Rabbis (the synagogue fathers)

The proof of this is that he didn't quote that much scripture, but he knew the knowledge of it. His knowledge didn't come to him as a pass-me-down or as an inheritance. He didn't come to be a prophet by people who were feeding him the correct knowledge. God inspired Jesus to be a prophet without a Rabbinical father.

(To be continued)