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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

(Reprinted from the Muslim Journal 8-26-05)

Imam Mohammed Speaks on Salaam Nutrition


(Editorial Note: This text comes from "A Personal Invitation Especially For You from Imam W. Deen Mohammed and Salaam Nutrition."

As-Salaam-Alaikum. My Dear Friends, it is imperative that we, as American Muslims living in this great land of opportunity, improve our conditions, both financially and in health.

We've talked about it for years, and some individuals have become very successful. I ana happy for them. But for the most part, our progress as a people has been slower than is acceptable to me or is necessary for you to endure.

As parents, we must believe differently, if we ever expect our children to realize a life of abundance.

I promise that if we, as parents, will only believe that we can obtain abundance and teach this by our example..., our children will believe also, and they will teach their children and so on.

And Muslims will be a mightier people, more able to support the Will of G-d.

But we can't obtain success and abundance, if we continue to act as if we don't deserve it..., or as if we don't care..., or as if we don't know how to have success and abundance.

I want you to know that I believe that NOW is the time for our fulfillment. It's time for all Muslims to realize the Promise of the Qur'an, our Holy Book, that "the Believer must achieve success”

But this is not only our duty..., it is our destiny! G-d expects more from us. And with G-d's Faith in us, we will succeed! G-d has said of us, "And the Believers must win." I believe if G-d says it is so..., it must and will be.

So I am asking you to unite economically within the Muslim Community -with love and peace, acting as one body with great power and influence, working together with me and each other, hand in hand, with unity of purpose and guided by G-d....

With everyone focused and undistracted from those beliefs that would keep us down, so that we fulfill our duty and destiny as Muslims and to achieve success both financially and in health — this, we can accomplish through Salaam Nutrition.

I am Imam W. Deen Mohammed, and I want to give you my personal invitation to attend a conference where my plan for financial success and good health will be shared with you.

I have the methods, the products and the leadership to help achieve success for all Muslims, starting right now!

This conference is dedicated to "Believers," who truly intend on doing and supporting all of G-d's Will, and who are ready to do what it takes to achieve the Blessings that a dedicated and committed effort will bring.

Prophet Muhammed said: "The Muslim, whenever he (she) endeavors to do anything, he (she) seeks to perfect it." This is the Muslim way.

My dear friends, this day is a gift from G-d. It's a new beginning of possibilities, especially if we are truly grateful. I encourage you to show your gratitude by attending this very important conference.

Ensure that you and your posterity will enjoy greater success and abundance, both financially and in health. And please bring a friend or loved one with you.

Together, we can all enjoy the Blessings from G-d, for ourselves and our children, that our righteous efforts will bring.