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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

Reprinted from the Muslim Journal 4-26-02

Ariel Sharon's Government Using Hitler Tactics

Imam W.D. Mohammed


(Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave the Jumuah Khutbah at the Taqwa Islamic Center at 4545 S. Western Blvd., on March 29, 2002. It is here given in excerpts.)

We begin with G-d's Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer. We witness that He is One, and we witness that Muhammed the Prophet of the Qur'an is the Seal of the Prophets and G-d's Servant, a mercy to all the worlds. Allah Most High sent Muhammed to the world with the Guidance, the Qur'an, the Final and Complete Guidance.



Muhammed comes in a progression, beginning with the first Prophet that G-d missioned, or the first Messenger of G-d, and ending that progression with Muhammed (PBUH), the Last Prophet not the last Messenger, but the Last Prophet.

G-d sends us messengers as individuals  not nations. The individual will be in trouble or G-d needs that individual to be motivated to do something, and G-d will send that individual a messenger. Messengers can come as angels, and G-d's angels are with us now, before and will be with us always.

Muhammed has never been called the last messenger by G-d. He is the Last Prophet and the Seal of the Prophets. "Prophet," the term, suggests giving warning and prophesying. Prophet Muhammed is the completion of the prophetic plan.

Allah makes it very plain to us that the whole of the Qur'an is a reading again given to Muhammed the Prophet on that that was given before, the Torah and the Gospel or as it is called in Islam, the Injil.

I don't know why so many in this community, for as long as I have been drilling on this, still tend to treat the Qur'an as separate from the Bible and tend to treat Muhammed as separate in the line of the prophets  separate from Abraham, Moses and Jesus. You cannot separate him from those prophets. G-d sent them to do the work that he was to finish or complete.

Muhammed the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, said: "You will see in the future world of people to come, I and Christ Jesus together." Does this mean they are going to appear visibly at the end of the world? No. That is the expectation of the simpleminded. It means that those people who were in opposition to Islam, to Qur'an and Muhammed from Christianity would one day  not them of that time, but those of the future time  would come to see Christ Jesus, peace be upon him, in agreement with Muhammed.

G-d did not send prophets and messengers to disagree with each other. If you understand their messages, they all are in harmony with each other, and they all were advancing the same thing the way of G-d for mankind in community life. This has to be understood by us, brothers and sisters, in this day and time.

The religious leadership of the world is much more on time than our African American leadership and African American Imams. Even the Buddhists now are more on time, when it comes to knowing what time it is on this earth than our Imams are.

Also understand that the Qur'an is the last of the revealed books. That has been said now for 1,400 years and where is the book? Those claimed now to be revealed are nothing; they cannot be classed with the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an, not with revelation on that high of a level. Though the Mormons have a book and others have books they claimed have been revealed to them, but those books have not gotten recognition along with the 'Torah, the Gospel or New Testament of the Bible, and the Qur'an.

That for me is proof enough that what G-d says stands: That is the last revelation. that is the last book and Muhammed is the last prophet. They have stood the test for 1,400 years, and this is the end of the world now they have withstood the test of the world up to the last day. There may be a few more seconds on the clock, but you are certainly in the last hour.



G-d said He created us like a plant, like a tree. Why is this said in our Holy Book? It is because it was said in the holy books before. There were trees planted by the waters this is in Christianity. A blessed tree and the cursed tree; these trees represent the two sides of human life and nature.

Some choose to go off from the path G-d put them on, when He created them  the path of obedience, the path of innocence, the path of sincerity, the path of respect. All of that comes with the newborn baby that your wife gives birth to. The life that Allah wants for us is the life that we see in the newborn baby.

They have the love for those who should be loved, as for the mother who cares for it. It has no tendency to be arrogant or to be criminal. The baby is innocent, sincere and pure  that is what G-d creates. Then you choose to go away from Him. When you go away from Him, you go away from that obedient nature to do what is right and proper.

Our return to Him is not a return to Him like we return home by way of city transportation or by a car. To return to Him is returning in obedience to Him that He created you to have.

In the Qur'an it speaks of the tree whose branches reach up to heaven. Isn't that man? Man comes up on this earth and in time he gets into so much trouble and the world becomes so burdensome and so worrisome for him, until he raises his hands up to the sky: "Oh G-d, somewhere, wherever You are. Have mercy please"

He looks above himself, because he wants something higher than he is to help him. He is not looking up because of the physical dimensions. He looks up because he wants to say: "There is something much greater and much higher than I am. Wherever You are, please help me!" And he throws his hands and arms up like the branches of a tree.

The Qur'an didn't start addressing something that had never happened. It is addressing what happens in the lives of people and giving us the best message in that and the best understanding of that, so that we can constantly innovate our whole life spirit, soul, intelligence, morality, everything.

G-d wants it lifted up, raised up higher, so that we will be more equipped to deal with the problems of man on this earth. That is the G-d, that made the earth and made us to utilize it and to have it feed our own life. G-d created the whole material sphere of matter to feed our whole life, and He created us like a plant.



The plant first wants to be grounded in the world that it belongs to; it sends its roots down and you don't see them. Like the germ of the man is growing in the woman, you don't see it. And she tells us that it is growing. It is hidden, and G-d had it to grow in secrecy and then He manifests His whole plan after nine months and sometimes quicker. Then He shows you His Whole Plan.

That is a sign that is the concept for society. Not one person, but a community of people would also be born secretly. You will not be able to observe its birth. And when you see it, it is already a full blown concept. And they say: "Where did this come from? What produced this new thing?" It is the Same G-d that produces us in the wombs of our mothers.

Some of us are like a simple blade of grass, not complex like a tree. But that is the first in the evolution. The same thing that that blade represents accounts for the tree being in its form and maintaining its form. What is that? Balance. A little flimsy blade will balance itself and stand up straight, like the wheat grass and a few others. It is so flimsy, but it will stand straight up. G-d says that He guides us upon the path that is straight, and it is called Suratal Mustaqim.

We follow the Path of G-d, Sabilillah. But we don't pray to get on the Sabilillah. We pray to be on the "Mustaqim." The Sabil goes (horizontal) like the cars, trucks and trains. The Mustaqim goes straight up to the heavens, to the higher levels of development for man's spirit and soul. Praise be to Allah.

"On the way of those that You favored. Not the way of those who invited Your Wrath, and not of those who strayed away. Ameen." There are those who intentionally went against G-d's Way, and there are those who unintentionally went against G-d's Way  two paths of people out of G-d's Path.

One intentionally does it, led by the Satan or Shaitan, the fallen angel  who was never an angel in his nature but just in the role of leading the angels  Iblis, a Jinn. He was from among the Jinn, and he made that clear in the Qur'an when he said: "And You made me from fire."

That is not an angel. Allah tells us very clearly in Qur'an that the Jinn was made from a fire that gives no smoke. He thinks he is perfect and has nothing to give up of his being; he is repentant not! He does not repent; no smoke comes up from his fire.

In the Bible, it says, "What is the son of man, but grass?" It means: "What is the son of man but humbleness and uprightness." That is the food needed by the small and big life  humbleness and uprightness. It is talking about people, not trees. It says that He has given you signs in the heavens and in the earth and between heaven and earth. And He has also given you signs in your own self.

When it refers to "hands" it means the controls, one on the left and one on the right  one from the soul and one from the mind. The soul was there before the body. The soul passes over its worth to the mind, like the left hand assisting the right. Then the mind becomes the leader in the society, though the soul is where it got its life from.

Then G-d says to us that those who serve Him and stay with Him, even if they deviated, as the Bible says: "Is there one without sin? No, not one." The Qur'an says the same, when it says that your father erred, that the seducer tricked him and caused him to sin. If he sinned, then all of us sinned. For there were none of us here before him, and we all came from him. And we couldn't get back on the right path, until he got back on the right path.

According to the Bible, he was never pointed to as a man who repented and got back on the right path. But it is there by reasoning. In the Qur'an, G-d says: "He repented. He met a Word from His Lord and he repented his ways." So we are not the children of a sinner. We are the children of a human being, whose human limitations made him vulnerable to the most subtle of creatures that G-d made. This is according to scripture, and that is Satan, the fallen so-called angel or Lucifer in the Bible.

The Genesis says of him that he is the most subtle of all the creatures. That means that he can trick any of you. None of us were made so perfect or so wise, that we can't be tricked by the Satan. He is more subtle than all of us. He tricked our first parents. And Allah says: "Don't let him do to you what he did to your parents, causing them to come out of the original clothing that they were given by G-d in the Garden and caused them to expose their shame."



When the matter is concluded, G-d said He will reward those who were faithful with a Garden of Paradise. He said that its expanse is as the heavens and the earth. If G-d gives me a garden, that means that I am free and authorized to make use of that garden for myself. G-d said in support of what I am saying now: "He has made to be of service to you whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth."

Then he comes back and repeats the statement but on a much grandeur scale that includes the soul of man. The industrious man uses the sky and sunshine to help grow his crop and the rain and the elements. He has even sought to go out in space in this modem time to utilize whatever is out there of scientific benefit. But what about the man of the soul? G-d wants to let us know that He is including the "soul man," not just the industrious man.

Everything in the environment, everything existing that G-d made, He didn't make it for Himself. He doesn't need it; He was here before and after the world. He created it for His Plan, and His Plan is for man, not for the tree that the lumberjack works with  it is the tree of the human soul that G-d works with. He created the whole universe for that.

People in the Moorish Science Temple and in the old Nation of Islam were obviously on to something, because we wore a fez and said we were wearing it because it was ours and that it represented the universe, everything. This brings us to the world.

Spiritual people have so much trouble with this world that some of them try to find a solution, and the solution for many is to see the world as pollution for the soul. That this material world is sin, dust, poison, pollution for the human soul.

They don't want the physical world and say leave it and separate yourselves from it and save yourselves from materialism and become totally spiritual and join the monks, the priests who say they don't want women anymore. He says that he doesn't want to have children, but we have to have some for him or he won't be born again.

Islam came to reconcile. Christ Jesus is a sign of the reconciling. Elijah is a sign of the reconciling. Let the children be joined again to the father and the father to the children. Who are the fathers? Adam, the natural man, the complete man, the man who G-d told to develop the world, to develop the land and to attend to the needs of the garden on earth, here and now, not hereafter. He was to connect us back with the father.

If that is not done, what will happen? He will smite the earth with a curse. There is a curse on mankind, when you can't reconcile your material life with your spiritual life, when you can't reconcile your rationale mind with your spiritual mind.

Thank G-d for Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, and thank G-d for His Last Prophet, Muhammed, who talks to us with the clouds gone, with clear skies. Jesus spoke to us with the sky filled with clouds. He came riding the clouds.

Jesus said he speaks to you in parables, and Allah says in the Qur'an that this is in plain language. It is given to you that you may teach them and explain it to them and make it clear. There is a whole chapter in Qur'an called The Clarity, meaning it is made clear.

Don't fear the world, engage it. He gave you flesh and the female to be your body mate, so that you will find tranquility being with her. But He gave you the whole universe as your woman. He told you to plow her. Sampson said, "If you had not plowed my heifer, you would not have gotten my secrets."

What is the world but for us, this world of our woman? If we want to reproduce the earth that we have, we have to plow the woman. We have to engage her in productive activity for fruitful results. He says He made the woman, your wife, as your tilth; that means to be my garden. I am to sow what I am to feed on in the future in the tilth of my wife. My wife is a sign of my female mate, the universe itself, beginning with Chicago where I was raised up, or the city where I am now, Markham, is my woman. I am obligated to produce something, to engage my woman. If I engage her, the next thing is to have a marriage after an engagement. And that means that what we produce is lawful.



This world has many issues, issues that we should take up and issues that we should ignore. But when the issue is denying justice where justice is due, then we have to take up the issue. Here are the Palestinians being treated like we were treated on the plantation during the time of slavery. They are being treated like the Africans of South Africa were treated during apartheid.

The arrogance of Sharon and his supporters is no different from the arrogance of the rebel, when G-d said: "I want the human being to have his own dignity, to have his own respect, to have his own freedom, to progress his life in My world that I created." When He said that, the Jinn leader of the angels puffed up with pride and refused to accept what G-d wanted.

Then he put a challenge to G-d: "OK, You can have Your Way, and I am going to have my way, too. I'm going to prove You wrong and I am going to go out to defeat that man You say You are going to create. When I am through with him, there will be none around worthy of what You are offering them." That's the boast the Iblis made, the fallen star, Lucifer, the bright star of the morning. Here is Sharon and his associates and his mentality who are presenting themselves before G-d and mankind with the same arrogance of that fallen angel or fallen star.

Here is a man, Yasser Arafat, representing a people who were there in that land before the Jews were. They are not a people who came from savagery. The Palestinians had civilization before the West had civilization. They are denying them statehood and denying them a territory.
It is as if to say: "I can't have statehood, and you who are recently coming from Europe who are Jews can have statehood, that is not fair. This was my land before you came here. And we were living with your religious people in peace. Now here you send your people in from Europe who need to be shown kindness, but no kindness is to be shown to us, the Palestinians, who have rights too."

The Palestinians have the same rights of those being welcomed to that land, who came there to be rescued and taken in, as people who wanted to escape Hitler and the Nazi regime. Now this people comes among the Palestinians and are not satisfied to share it like their people were doing, before 1947.

You insist that you have to have a territory for your flag, and they accepted that because you caused so much bloodshed killing them to have that state, the price was too much, and they finally accepted it. Arafat said: "All right, we accept Israel as being a nation, and we will recognize it." And that is still not enough.

Now if Israel is going to be a nation with its own territorial borders that they say has to be safe and protected, then don't Arafat and the Palestinian people have the same right to have their territory borders safe and protected? Now if America, our country, and its friend, Mr. Sharon, the friend of our country, is to protect you and arm you and give you a big, big gun, then Arafat and the Palestinians deserve to have a gun the same size as your gun.

I haven't gotten off my subject of Suratal Mustaqim, The Path of Uprightness. G-d obligates us who say we believe in Islam and accept our Lord and His Servant Muhammed, prayers and peace be upon him, to be witnesses in the world. What is said does not just mean "be a people," it says "be a strong people, a firm people standing upon justice. You are witnesses for G-d."

G-d wants some witnesses down here on this earth, witnessing what G-d wants in man. What G-d wants for man is justice on this earth. If we are weak in faith, we are going to be weak in courage. We are going to be fearful. The scriptures that came in Qur'an are not saying anything less. "The fearful and unbelieving shall have their part in hellfire."



Dear brothers and sisters, who do you fear? Do you fear man or do you fear G-d? If you fear man more than you fear G-d, you are not a believer. If you fear the governments of the world more than you fear G-d, you are not a believer. A believer faces the whole world, not one government but all of the governments of man.

He will face the whole world and be killed and die and smile as he dies. He knows Who is G-d and will die rather than have the world take him into disobedience to G-d. The Bible knew that even Jesus Christ's followers would be too fearful and too weak to stand up for what he stood up for after he was gone.

The same thing has happened to Muhammed. In every respect, we see Jesus Christ and Muhammed right together. This community of Prophet Muhammed, when he went away, they betrayed him.

Prophet Muhammed said that his ummah would go into darkness, but it would rise again as it rose the first time. How did it rise the first time? It was on the backs of people strong in faith  not rich in material things, not rich in the knowledge of the world, not graduates of colleges and universities, not learned leaders in the scriptures. They were people who could not even read scriptures.

That people were chosen to build the first community of Islam in Medinah, in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, in Fez, Morocco, and in different places, in Iran that was then called Persia, until it reached Spain and parts of Europe, into France, even. But it started right there with that people who nobody expected could shoulder on their backs the whole country or government. They didn't think those people could ever be responsible for government life.

We have to stand up as a people for justice. But we can't, until we are first a people strong in faith, because the world intimidates you. It will make you fear for your life and your family's life. It will make you fearful for your community life. A whole community has been put in prison by Sharon and his Hitler babies who have grown up to be grown up Hitlers.

They have put our brother Yasser Arafat, in his humble, patient self, in prison. G-d has given him that wisdom to save his life. Because if he hadn't been that way, they would kill him and America would say "good riddance." I don't mean America the people.

America the people, we are not with the treatment of the Palestinian people I am talking about the church and the mosque. We are not with the treatment of Arafat and the Palestinian people, no more than the Whites of America were with the treatment of our people during the days of slavery and plantation life. The majority of Americans were not with that.

But Americans are very slow to go against their own government, when there is not enough light on the issue. If there is enough light on the issue of the treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis and Sharon, the American people would be enraged.

I have never accepted to be a coward by a criminal. A righteous man can make me afraid, a righteous man can make me back up. A criminal can just make me go back again and come up with a strategy to take his head off his body. That regime they have now in Israel should be beheaded.

Our government is on the spot. Do we want this kind of history to be written of the United States of America? That we in the name of some kind of global safety, to make the world safe, armed Sharon and gave him a big powerful gun and the right to lock up the leader of the Palestinians like he is a criminal? Talk to him like he is a little child or bad boy? Slap him in the face before the whole world like he is a bad child, and the President of the United States and its government, the Senate and the Congress, say virtually nothing?

What kind of record for the United States is that that we want to leave with the generations to come? The generations to come will be freed of the problems the government is having right now. They are going to be freed of the urgency that Bush is looking at right now. And they are going to look back at the treatment of human beings by our government putting big guns in the hands of Sharon's inhumane administration.

The wicked are saying: "Don't say anything. Let Sharon do what he wants to do. Those are Jews, you can't do anything with them. Everybody who comes against them, they lose." Muhammed came against wrong, Jews and everybody else, and he didn't lose. There were bad Jews in Medina making trouble. And I say "bad Jews," because I recognize that the majority of the Jews are good people, beautiful human beings.

I don't care if a man presents himself as G-d and the world believes he is G-d, if I detect something that he is a wrong person, that he has bad plans and bad designs on me, I am going to fight him as hard as I can. He won't make me a coward. He won't make me afraid. I will plan something for him.

Shame on this great society we live in, the great men of the Congress and the Senate. We had a Senator of Illinois who stood up and spoke out against some policies of the Jews, and they got rid of him. But he didn't go and beg their forgiveness. That man is still firm. That's the kind of White man I admire.

That's the kind of American I admire. That's the kind of public servant I admire. A man who will risk losing his fame, losing his position, losing his income, losing everything rather than not be a witness for G-d and stand up for truth against the oppressors and liars and persecutors and murderers of innocent life and people. That is what we are seeing in Israel.

This is no more than what is expected of good people. My theme is Obedience to G-d; that is what Uprightness is. If G-d revealed all this to you and you say you belong to those who believe in it, then follow that guidance. Stand up for that guidance. Stand up for those commandments that G-d left with us by way of Prophet Muhammed, and fear not.

"Those who believe in G-d and the Hereafter, there shall be no fear and no grief." (Qur'an) I have heard people in the church say, "G-d took off from me the fear and the grief." That is the best blessing, because fear and grief are the worse burdens a man can carry  fear that he is going to lose it and then grief after he has lost it.

This is the Religion of Uprightness, the religion of Abraham, the Upright in Faith. It addresses the obligation of the individual to work for and support the whole society. Our law obligates every Muslim individual, male and female and even the young boys when they get to age 12, they are supposed to be made aware that they are to shoulder the responsibility of society.

This goes for the females also, the mothers of our society. There is no escape for us, if we want to be recognized as Muslims. You have to accept to be strong and to be faithful and to stand up against wrong.

Prophet Muhammed said be against wrong, whether it is from the big man or the little man. They asked how are they to deal with it. He said, "With your hands." That meant to make a physical effort to stop wrong, if you have to. "If you can't find the wherewithal, then with your speech." Speak out against it. "Even then, if you can't find the wherewithal, at least be against it in your soul." That means to be against it in your heart, to dislike it. Your spirit and your soul's energy will be a weaker jihad, but don't think that your soul's energy won't be sent out against your enemies.